Come and Take It: dog bowl & bandana set

This one size fits all bandana and matching ceramic bowl are sure to have your dog taking a stylish stand in our take on the infamous Come and Take It flag.

The bandana is a good ol' fashioned tie bandana - just give it a roll or two at the top to fit to your dog's liking, then double knot. You won't find a cheap applique on this dog bowl - quality ceramic with glaze ensures the design is here to last.


Bowl measures 6" across, 2.25" tall.

Bandana is 25" wide neck x 12" tall. 

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Dog bandanas that tie:

Please check the measurements listed in the drop-down size selection, and keep in mind you will need several spare inches to hand-tie the bandana.

For a stylish fit, you may want to take into consideration your pup's height and neck fluff, too. For example, we have corgis (very stubby legs) and like to roll the top of these bandanas to shorten them a bit before tying them. It looks stylish and is an easy way to adjust the length to account for their short legs and allows enough slack for the design to be visible beyond their neck fluff.