About Vaya Con Doggos: Our Story

We’re a small business in Texas on a mission to help humans spend as much quality time with their dogs as possible.

Sometimes, we daydream of a bygone time when we might’ve saddled up and headed out on dusty trails with our four-legged compadres at our side. 

No matter how rough or wild the day, it would’ve been a good one with our dogs by our side. That much will always ring true. 

And so, we say to you: Vaya Con Doggos.


What We Believe

Dogs and humans are good for one another, and time with dogs can even be life-changing. We support awesome human + dog teams that make visits to kids to provide the special connection and comfort that dogs provide.

Dogs can bring out confidence, curiosity and imagination in all of us - which is why we have an extra special place in our hearts for therapy dogs who help kids practice their reading skills.

Who We Are

We’re a small pack – it’s just two bipeds and three dogs. Our shop was launched out of a desire to spread as much dog-inspired goodness in the world as possible. We take cues from our four-legged co-workers every day.


Apparel & Gifts for Dog Lovers

You won’t find our apparel designs anywhere else. Each design begins in a sketchbook.

We're proud to produce apparel for dog lovers with original designs. We look over the quality of each and every order, and we're proud to carry a Made in USA selection


A Word from Our Canine CEO and Chief Non-technical Advisor on Happiness

Hello, I'm Schubert, a corgi mix. I'm told my eager yet unassuming way of greeting the world as a whole is the inspiration for Vaya Con Doggos (Roam Free, LLC). I suppose that makes me the CEO.

So, a little about myself:

As founder and CEO, you'll find me making rounds to say hello and keep humans in high spirits. I don't know much about running a company, but I'm told our purpose is to encourage more quality time between dogs and humans. And that..that I understand. 

Here at Vaya Con Doggos, we make fun apparel and for dog lovers to encourage everyone to wag more and bark less. Our apwathecary line of dog grooming products  - like our coat sprays, oatmeal dog coat rinse and paw balms - keep pups like me smelling and feeling great, especially after walks and between baths.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to my human assistants by emailing hello@roamfreeprovisions.com. I assure you they're interested in making sure everyone is happy, and while they are only human, they do have a near-perfect track record for timely serving of meals and walkies.