Our Story

In adventure and spirit, may you go with dogs.

We’re a small business in Texas on a mission to help humans spend as much quality time with their doggos as possible.

Sometimes, we daydream of a bygone time when we might’ve saddled up and headed out on dusty trails with our four-legged compadres. 

No matter how rough or wild the day, it would’ve been a good one with our dogs by our side. That much will always ring true. 

And so, we say to you: Vaya Con Doggos.

pencil sketches of dogs with a pencil resting on top of the paper, with text that reads 'original designs, inspired by dogs'

Everything we do is inspired by dogs

You won’t find our apparel designs anywhere else. Each design begins in a sketchbook.

We're proud to produce apparel for dog lovers with original designs. We look over the quality of each and every order, and we're proud to carry a Made in USA selection

We love that dogs make human's feel special. We strive to follow their example with every product and interaction.

A Word from Our CEO (Canine Executive Officer)

To my compadres, both canine and biped:

I'm told my eager yet unassuming way of greeting the world as a whole is the inspiration for Vaya Con Doggos (Roam Free, LLC). I suppose that makes me the CEO.

So, a little about myself:

You'll often find me making rounds to say hello and keep my humans in high spirits. I don't know much about running a company, but I'm told our purpose is to encourage more quality time between dogs and humans. And that..that I understand. 

I love when my humans can bring me on on adventures, but even just knowing we're with each other in spirit lifts their mood. That's why we say "Vaya Con Doggos," meaning go with doggos.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to my human assistants by emailing hello@roamfreeprovisions.com. 

I assure you they're interested in making sure everyone is happy, and while they are only human, they do have a near-perfect track record for timely serving of meals and walkies.