Find us at the Texas Corgi Roundup

Find us at the Texas Corgi Roundup

We’re so excited to be a part of the Texas Corgi Roundup in Katy, TX!

The event is the perfect way to fundraise for corgi rescue groups: corgi races, corgi costume contests, and of course … corgi merch and gifts galore. We’ll be there peddling our wares, and we’re even launching a new corgi tshirt that we designed just for the occasion.


What about the merch?!

There will be corgi merchandise galore, and it’s all benefitting corgi and dachshund rescues. 


Personally, we’re excited to introduce a hand-drawn, corgi-inspired t-shirt design we created just for the occasion!

Was The Flyin' Loaves a real team? No. Do we wish it was? Absolutely! We'll root for corgis no matter what they're doing. (There will be a ton of corgis competing in all sorts of contests to root for at the Roundup, by the way!)

a tan tshirt with a design featuring a cartoon corgi leaping. The vintage style team name is The Flyin Loaves since 1932.

We spent hours perfecting the cuteness in our sketchbook and digitizing this hand-drawn design and can’t wait for you to feel the high-quality shirt in person. Anything inspired by corgis should have a little bit of weight and be soft, and this cotton tshirt is just that – the perfect corgi lover t-shirt!


We’ll also have our long-running best-selling corgi lover tee: Give Me a Home Where the Corgi Loaf Roam.


Apawthecary Coat & Paw Care:

Stop by the Vaya Con Doggos booth to take a sniff of each of our Fresh Spritz coat deodorizing sprays, including our new pina colada spritz which combines perfectly with our fresh coat dog bath bundle.

a paw blam, bottle of dog fresh spritz coat spray and hat

Our gentle ingredients mean you can bathe frequently without fear of stripping the skin of natural oil. And to keep a fresh smell between baths (we're not sayng corgis might be closer to the ground and a little more ... "outdoorsy" smelling sometimes ... but...) just spray our fresh spritz dog coat sprays whenever a freshen up is needed.


And for a corgi toy with a Texas twist ... 

Lastly, we’ll have our Made in USA dog toy, the Flyin’ Tortilla! It’s a soft disc toy made of tough canvas and foam for comfortable catch and tug play sessions. We bet the Flyin’ Loaves would use it at practice!

This flying disc is corgi tested and corgi approved... it's the perfect size for most dogs, but unlike other flyer toys it:

  • Floats! 
  • Squeaks!
  • Soft but sturdy foam on the inside, fabric canvas on the outside - perfect for comfortable catch and tug
  • Super light weight 
  • Just enough wobble to direct your throw while keeping your herding dog's instincts activated

We'll see you and your corgi loaf at the Roundup! 

While the Flyin’ Loaves dog herding team may not be real, there will be a lure course for corgis to flex their herding instincts at the Roundup, too. While our own CEOs (corgi executive officers) are more likely to loaf on the couch than test their athletic limits, we know one thing for sure – this event is set to be full of amazing corgis and their humans, and it’s all for a great purpose!

Follow our Instagram for live updates as we share what’s sure to be adorable pics of approving corgis from one of the largest corgi meetups in the USA! 


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